Multi-Car Accidents


  • According to the CDC, the annual cost of injuries and productivity losses from automobile accidents is approximately $70 Billion
  • The Florida DMV estimates that in 2009 there were 646 automobile accidents per day in Florida
  • According to the Florida DMV, there were 20,085 alcohol related traffic accidents in 2009

Multi-Car Accidents

An Accident caused by a vehicle traveling a high rate of speed will often involve multiple vehicles and results in a sequence of events wherein there are secondary and tertiary impacts.  When multiple vehicles are involved, it can be difficult to determine who is at fault for the accident, as liability may be shared by several drivers.  In complex accidents, it may be necessary to retain an expert witness known as an accident reconstructionist to determine the mechanics of the accident.

If you are in involved in an accident, your first concern should be for your health and safety.   If you are significantly injured, you should not get out of your vehicle nor should you attempt to move your vehicle.  Call 911 on your cell phone, or use the emergency call button on your vehicle’s dashboard.  If neither is within reach, call out for help and request that someone call 911 on your behalf.  If you are not severely injured, and it is safe to leave your vehicle, you should do so.  Again, you should call 911 to report the accident and wait in a safe location for help to arrive.  In some circumstances, it may be necessary to remove your vehicle from the flow of traffic prior to the arrival of the police.  If you are able, you should take a picture of the scene before moving your vehicle.  Other than a law enforcement officer, you should not talk to anyone about the accident.  Also, if you are injured, you should seek medical attention immediately as failure to timely seek care may prejudice your ability to be compensated for your medical bills and injuries.   Finally, contact your insurance company and report the accident.

After you have dealt with the immediate crisis, you should consult with an auto accident attorney.  If you have been involved in an accident in Ft. Lauderdale, Plantation, FL, or any of the surrounding areas, Lane & Glassman, would like the opportunity to provide you with a free, no obligation consultation to discuss your rights and responsibilities and determine if you are entitled to compensation under the law.  Please call toll free (844-AUTO-LAW) or e-mail ( Lane & Glassman, to discuss your potential legal claim.